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    About Supplier

    Sungil machinery is a professional F.A. components manufacturer.

    We are the first to produce precise couplings domestically.

    Based on ceaseless research and development through industry-academic cooperation, we manufacture and supply the world`s most variable types of couplings not only to the domestic market, but also to overseas.

    We provide the optimized solution in power transmission to our customers.

    We also have successfully produced domestic support units, connecting shafts, A.P. Locks and F.A. components based on our firm market share of Korean F.A. component, and provide our products in reasonable prices for our customers competitiveness.

    The number one coupling manufacturing company in Korea, Sungil machinery, has supplied the world-class level products to display, mobile, semiconductor manufacturing equipment and industrial robot manufacturing companies. we have done our best to improve the competitive power of the F.A. component market in Korea, and the effort is an ongoing process.

    Now, we export small precise couplings, support units and F.A. components to Japan, Germany and 20 other countries. We also founded a branch in China and sales corporation in Japan and establish sales agencies in Europe, South East Asia and the Middle East to expand our market. Sungil machinery is increasing its export proportion based on excellent quality and competitive price, and is doing its best to enhance the position of Korean F.A. component industry over the world.

    Sungil machinery will ceaselessly endeavor to develop new products, improve productivity, and supply the best quality products to our customers.

    Our goal of business is to improve our customers values.

    Thank you for the people who support and value our products.

    25, Seounsandan-ro 1-gil, Gyeyang-gu, Incheon, Korea

    Product List

    Ultra-Precision Coupling

    Radial Beam Coupling
    SRB Series
    High Torque Disk Coupling
    SHD Series
    OldHam Coupling
    SOH Series
    OldHam Coupling (Big Size)
    SOH Series
    Disk Coupling
    SD Series
    Disk Coupling (스테인리스)
    SD Series
    High Performance Rubber Coupling
    SHR Series
    Flexible Coupling
    SFC Series
    Jaw Coupling
    SJC Series
    Jaw Coupling (테이퍼 체결 방식)
    SJC Series
    Jaw Coupling (Extra Large)
    SJC Series
    Cross Joint Coupling
    SCJ Series
    Rigid Coupling
    SRG Series
    슈미트 커플링
    SK Series

    Connecting Shaft

    Jaw Coupling Long Type
    SJCL Series
    High Torque Flexible Disk Coupling Long Type
    SHDL Series

    Support Units

    Support Units (Square Type)
    EK Type
    Support Units (Square Type)
    EF Type
    Support Units (Square Type)
    BK Type
    Support Units (Square Type)
    BF Type
    Support Units (Square Type)
    AK Type
    Support Units (Square Type)
    AF Type
    Support Units (Square Type)
    CK/CF Type
    Support Units (Round Type)
    FK Type
    Support Units (Round Type)
    FF Type
    Support Units (Round Type)
    FK/FF Type
    Support Units (Round Type)
    SWBK Type

    A.P. Lock (Locking Device)

    A.P. Lock (Locking Device)
    SAPL-A Series
    A.P. Lock (Locking Device)
    SAPL-C Series
    A.P. Lock (Locking Device)
    SAPL-B Series
    A.P. Lock (Locking Device)
    SAPL-D1 Series
    A.P. Lock (Locking Device)
    SAPL-D2 Series
    A.P. Lock (Locking Device)
    SAPL-D3 Series
    A.P. Lock (Locking Device)
    SAPL-D4 Series
    A.P. Lock (Locking Device)
    SAPL-R Series
    A.P. Lock (Locking Device)
    SAPL-T Series
    A.P. Lock (Locking Device)

    F.A. Part

    SJU Type Joint Unit
    SBJU Type Joint Unit
    Set Collar
    Lock Nut
    Bearing Unit (Single Bearing Type)
    Bearing Unit (Double Bearing Type)