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    About Supplier

    Sung Do Valve Co., Ltd. is established on July 1st, 1979 in Korea and has been recognized as a pioneer of Butterfly valve & actuator manufacturer in domestic and abroad with the accumulated experience and technology on our products.

    We had developed resilient seat type butterfly valve by the technical cooperation with Milwaukee valve in U.S.A and high-performance butterfly valve with inter valve in Holland. So we have supplies our valves to many industry such as power plant, Distric heating Corp., Water Treatment Field, Petrochemical Industries and steel mills in North/South America and Europe.

    And also developed Pneumatic Actuator with our own technology and we have improved the efficiency of Actuator on Butterfly valve and ball valve with the compact and stable design.

    Futhermore we can supply our qualified products with RACK & PINION Type, with SCOTCH YOKE Type and Heavy Duty Actuator manufacturing system in the competitive condition.

    “Manufacturing and test facilities are fully equipped to ensure quality ensurance and ISO 9001 quality system works properly for product idenficication to achieve the needs of all customers.”

    Sung Do Valve Co., Ltd. promise that we will keep concentrating on improvement of the QUALITY and DELIVERY based on our long-term experience as well as technical know-how.

    267, Gyeongje-ro, Siheung-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

    Product List

    Butterfly Valve

    Concentric Type Butterfly Valve
    Eccentric Type Butterfly Valve
    High-Performance Butterfly Valve
    Butt-Weld type High Performance Butterfly Valve

    Pneumatic Actuators

    Pneumatic Rotary Actuators
    Heavy-Duty Actuators