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  • Sun Machinery

    Sun Machinery

    About Supplier

    “We will strive to become the worlds best automobile manufacturer.”

    Sun Machinery was founded in January 1988, to manufacture and sell automobile parts and industrial machinery parts. Since its establishment, Sun Machinery has grown into a stable corporation, selling its products in domestic and overseas markets.

    As an exertive company, Sun Machinery obtained 4 STARS in quality as one of the primary cooperative firms of Hyundai and Kia Motors. As an ISO 9002/QS 9000 certified company, as well as ISO/TS 16949 and ISO 14001 certified, Sun Machinery has established an advanced quality management and environmental management system. In addition, 200 CONNECTORS were shipped without any defect and the defect rate of all manufactured products was managed under 1 ppm through the continuous practice of quality management by all employees.

    As a cooperative company, Sun Machinery emphasizes the healthy mental and physical state of all employees, as well as cultivating close relationships among employees through athletic events, picnics, club activities and etc. Also, we aim to become a healthy company full of hope and joy by doubling the efforts to meet global quality standards, reduce costs and improve productivity.

    Besides pursuing profit generation, the fundamental goal of corporations, Sun Machinery, as a company involved in voluntary work, spontaneously observes social corporate responsibility, along with ethical management. We put in much effort to create a harmonious society by fulfilling social responsibility through improving employees’ welfare benefits and providing voluntary service along with financial support to social welfare facilities.

    Sun Machinery prioritizes improvement of revenue structure and pursues a balance between stability and growth. We promise a transparent, moral management and will perform our best on a daily basis.

    843-24, Pureundeulpan-ro, Paltan-myeon, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

    Product List

    Automotive Parts

    Commercial Sub Ass'y
    Commercial Castings
    Commercial Forging
    Passenger Cars & SUVS
    Defense Castings

    Medical Equipment

    Pediatric Electric Bed
    Classic Electric Bed
    Essen Care Electric
    Elegance Electric Bed
    Vanguard Electric Bed
    Vanguard LCD Electric Bed
    Care Recliner