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  • Sorona

    About Supplier

    Sorona's Products : Display & Semiconductor Equipment, MFG

    - PSS Etcher

    - Sputtering System

    - Evaporation System

    - Dry Etching (RIE, HDP) & Ashing

    - CVD System

    2726, Seodong-daero, Godeok-myeon, Pyeongtaek-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

    Product List


    ICP-RIE PSS Etcher for HBLED
    SIE 2031
    ICP Etcher
    SIE 601
    RIE Etcher
    SRE 601


    Cluster Sputter with Multi Target Chamber
    SCS 110
    Cluster Sputter with Multi Target Chamber
    SSLS 120
    Multi Purpose 1:1 Direct Sputtering System with Multi Target
    SSLS 130
    Vertical Inline Sputtering System
    SVIS G8
    SHTR W900


    Evaporation System for Thing film deposition, etc.
    SE 805
    E-Beam & High Performance Ion Gun Combination
    SE 805G


    PECVD System for SiOx/SiNx/a-Si
    SPC 601
    Anti-stiction Layer Coating System
    SVS Series
    PECVD System for SiOx/SiNx/a-Si/DLC
    SPC 603


    Microwave Asher
    SMA 601

    Coating Service

    Coating Service