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Product Name ez-VISION
Series ez-VISION
Product Description

Point1 : PC environment vision inspection program that allows users to apply and edit image processing and various video processing technologies to meet specifications of the user

Point2 : For inspection purposes, various interface types including analog cameras are supported. Each type has a different throughput, cable length, power, I/O synchronization, CPU usage, and it is necessary to select the appropriate type according to the inspection facility structure and purpose

Additionally, it is important to select a camera for the purpose, and there are cameras of various types and prices depending on the number of pixels, color, speed of shooting, size, etc. We help you select a low-cost/high-efficiency optimal camera.


Pattern MatchingX, Y, Angle, Score(Matching Rate) Measurement
Check parts, determine status
EdgeBoundary detection
Check parts & assembly status
LengthHorizontal, Vertical Distance Measurements
Position, apparent detection, distance measurement
HistogramMeasure the pixels of R, G, B, and Gray in 0-255 scales
Stain, print concentration check
1D Barcode Codeba, Code93, Code39, Code,128, EAN8, EAN13, MSI, Interleaved2of5, Phandomcode, RSS Limited, One-Dimensional Barcode recognition
Product Lot Manufacturing Information Management
2D Barcode Data Matrix, QR Code, PDF417, Two-dimensional barcode recognition
OCROptical character recognition
Character recognition such as model name, expiration date, etc.
CircleMeasurement of the center coordinates (X,Y), radius (R) of a circle
Position of circular part, radius measurement
Color Pattern MatchingMeasurement of Color Score(Matching Rate)
Color discriminating
Edge ContourContour detection
Surface inspection, chip testing
BlobSurface foreign objects detection

Foreign objects inspection

Practical Application Cases

[Status] Determining whether parts are inserted or missing

PWA area, Manual insert parts : Check for missing inserts

Using a library of NI machine vision algorithms that can detect the shape, location, and angle of a specific pattern contained in ez-VISION, not only missing inserts but also reverse inserts and misinsertions of the product

Actual photos

[Status/Position] Checking the engagement of ring parts


Check whether the ring is assembled or not, it's assembled in the right position, and it's double-assembled.

Measure the length of the product's width depending on whether the ring is fastened or not and detect defects.

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[Mix] Identifying product mix


Check whether the input direction of the parts is correct or whether other models are mixed in.


Defect detection by measuring the shape of a specific pattern of a part and the length of each part

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[Position/angle] Calibrate robot working position

The position and angle of the product is suitable for transporting by robot.

Detect the angle of the shape position of a particular pattern and pass it on to the control unit to correct the position and angle

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[Color] Illumination check

Inspect LED lighting, brightness

Check the lighting, brightness, and color using Histogram to detect defects.

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[Barcode] Barcode recognition and location determination


Inspect Labeling & Printing Location and Barcode Information


Use the edge function to determine if the label & print location is defective and the barcode information is passed to the control unit.

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[OCR] Character discrimination

Check to prevent products mixing by recognizing print characters

Use the OCR function to determine whether the product is defective or not

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