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    Sony Electronics Korea is a company invested by global company Sony Corp.

    Sony Electronics of Korea, which took its first step in Masan Free Zone in 1972, has the world's best technology, producing a wide range of ultra-precision devices such as Laser Diode, Pico Projector Module, and Integrated Unit to finished products such as high-performance broadcasting equipment, Mobile Projector and Portable Projector.

    Based on excellent technology and long-standing knowledge, we are producing high-quality products that exceed customer expectations to realize the best customer satisfaction and emotion.




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    76, Jayumuyeok 2-gil, Masanhoewon-gu, Changwon-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, Korea

    Product List



    On-demand FA Solution

    USB Charger Auto-Assembly Equipment for Automotive
    Index type parts assembly Equipment
    Auto-assembly Line of Cooling Fin
    Electronics Pre-Adjustment & Inspection Line

    Stand-alone on-demand equipment

    Stand-alone type parts assembler
    Automatic Loader of Finished Products
    Automatic Packing Machine of Finished Products
    Robot utilized Image Processing Inspection

    Deformed Parts Feeder for High-Speed Mounting

    Deformed Parts Bowl Feeder for High-Speed Mounting feeder
    Deformed Parts Stick Feeder for High-Speed Mounting

    Secondary Battery Cells Key Process Facility

    Non-woven fabric Attach Equipment
    Electrolytic liquid Injection Equipment
    Assembly Equipment
    Aluminum Thin Film Forming Equipment

    Weather Strip Clip Insertion Machine

    Weather Strip Clip Insertion Machine