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    About Supplier

    Established in 1989, Sometech has concentrated on developing advanced products based on convergence integration technology such as software, optics, medicine, and electronics with multiple application experience in medical and industrial business. With the passion we`ve had for creating world class products since our foundation, we have concentrated on localization of cutting edge medical equipment by focusing on research and development in medical imaging equipment and surgical devices. We have supplied such high-tech products such as cosmetic diagnostic, and industrial video microscopes with high technology to the medical business industry.

    Sometech has developed this 3D imaging system since 2006. We expect this will to be a core business in the future. We also launched 3D Laparoscope in 2012, the first in Korea and the third in the world, with technical project assistance from the Ministry of Commerce. Sometech’s 3D Laparoscope has been earned a considerable reputation for creating a new paradigm of surgical equipment for the world.

    Furthermore, based on high technology in surgical device and medical imaging business since 1989, on May 2015, Sometech launched the world`s first 3D heads up eyepiece-free microscope, presenting a new paradigm for the world medical market. Launching a new eyepiece-free 3D surgical video microscope! Sometech has concentrated on R&D for 3D medical equipment and taken the lead in the 3D surgical era with 3D core capability for the future. We continuously have developed 3D laparoscopy products and 3D surgical video microscopes, creating superior products to meet our customer`s requirements of us as the number one 3D business leader in the world.

    1201ho ,61, Digital-ro 26-gil, Guro-gu, Seoul, Korea

    Product List

    3D Medical Surgery System

    3D Laparoscopy System (EndoPik)
    3D Laparoscopy System
    Dr.Camscope 3D

    3D Surgical Microscope

    3D Video Sugical Microscope System
    VOMS-100 / VOMS-101D

    Medical Vision System

    Surgical Endoscopy System
    DCS / DCS-pro

    Surgical Devices & Treatment Devices

    Low Level LASER Therapy
    RF Ablation Generator
    RF Surgical Devices
    ST-501 / ST-531
    LASER Surgical Device (Helene)
    RF Diathermy Device (High Frequency Stimulator)

    Aesthetic Devices

    Scalp Therapy LASER (Hairbelle)
    Skin/Scalp/Hair Analyser
    USB-225 / CCL-215
    Skin/Scalp/Hair Management Program
    Hairsys / Skinsys

    Dental Device

    Oral Camera (USB Intraoral Camera)
    ST-121 ZOOM
    Dental Operating Microscope

    Industrial Devices

    Video Endoscopy System
    Vision Software
    IT PLUS 4.0 / IT PLUS 5.0
    Industrial Video Microscope System
    IMS-1080P / IMS / ICS