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Product Name DiaPlexQ™ 5 types Corneal Dystrophy (CD) Genotyping Kit (Corneal Dystrophy)
Series Molecular Diagnostic (Human Gentrifyping)
Product Description

DiaPlexQ™ 5 types Corneal Dystrophy (CD) Genotyping Kit

Real-Time PCR based assay system for the genotyping of the SNP of codon 124, 555(exon4) in TGFβ1 related to avellino corneal dystrophy


The TGFβI gene is firstly appear at the 5q31 chromosome related corneal dystrophy on the corneal epithelium. Morbid cover of TGFβI is detected from the cornea, so we suppose the cause of disease related on 5q31 chromosome. There are Avellino Corneal Dystrophy(ACD), Reis-Buckler’s Corneal dystrophy(RBCD), lattice Corneal dystrophy(LCD), granular Corneal dystrophy(GCD type1), Thiel-Behnke Corneal Dystrophy(TBCD) which are related with chromosome 5q31 and TGFβI gene. The IC3D had classified the diseases as category1. Although there are some remedies like sublayer corneal transplantation and penetrating keratoplasty, there are many cases that the disease recur after the operation. In case of heterozygote people perform the laser surgery such as like LASEK or LASIK. There is possibility of lose eye sight caused by corneal opacity. The Coneal Dystrophy genetic diagnosis before LASEK, LASEK surgery is kind of essential clinical test.


Detection targetSNP of codon 124, 555 in TGFβI (R124H, R124L, R124C, R555Q, R555W)
Detection technologyReal-Time PCR
Specimen typeBlood, Buccal epithelial cell
Compatible instruments*ABI 7500 / 7500 Fast Real-Time PCR System (Applied Biosystems)
CFX96™ Real-Time PCR System (Bio-Rad)
PCR running time~ 3hr


- HotStart PCR system : Ultra high specific and sensitive result

- UDG system : No carryover contamination

- Multiplex PCR : Multiple targets in a single reaction

- Reliable system : Automatic Internal control ( DiaPlex C™)

- Positive control included

- Easy-to-use master mix

- CE certification


BlueMutant type (ACD, RBCD, LCD, TBCD, GCD)
GreenCD Hetero type
● Black

Non-Template Control


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Ordering information

TechnologyCat. No.ProductContents

Real-Time PCR
SQH29-K020 (20 reaction)

DiaPlexQ ™ 5 type Corneal Dystrophy(CD) Genotyping Kit
2X Multiplex Real-Time PCR Smart mix (CD)
Primer & Probe Mixture (CD)
Wild-type Control Template (CD)
Hetero-type Control Template (CD)
Mutant-type Control Template (CD)
Nuclease free Water
SQH29-K100 (100 reaction)

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