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  • Snow Tech

    Snow Tech

    About Supplier

    Snow Tech Co., Ltd. is fully dedicated to conducting research on and developing snowmaking technologies. The technology it has accumulated based on its continuous and persistent research has become richer and more solid, ready to march towards the global stage. The first achievement of our R&D is an artificial snowmaking machine named “SNOW ZEUS.”

    SNOW ZEUS is the very first snowmaking machine every manufactured using Korea’s own technology, leading to the localization of snowmaking machine production, for which Korean previously entirely relied on imports. The product is currently advancing into the overseas markets, such as China, Russia, and Mongolia.

    The second achievement of our R&D is the world’s first indoor-use artificial snowmaking machine, SnowStar Magic. This is newly conceptualized product equipped with a fresh technology that enables the making of real snow all year round, defying the generally accepted idea that snow can be seen only during winter. It has gained huge popularity as a unique item among overseas customers, particularly those in places where snow is hardly seen, and those living in Japan.

    Our third achievement is our Ice Magic snowmaking machine, which enables the production of snow even at temperatures other than the freezing point.

    While researching on and developing snowmaking technologies, we gain deeper insights on the relationship between man and nature.

    329, Deokgogae-ro, Sinni-myeon, Chungju-si, Chungcheongbuk-do, Korea

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    Home Snow Making Machine
    Fan type Snow Making Machine
    All Weather Snowmaker
    Snow House
    Snow House
    All season Snow Making Machine
    Snow Grooming Machine
    Sled / Safety mats / Snowmaking hose / ETC