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    “Elegant Space and Joyful Life”

    A company specialized in aluminum, was established as Namsun Light Metals Company in 1947 and has been developing together with the Korean aluminum industry.

    Based on the accumulated fundamental technology and processing technology, we are producing and selling aluminum extruded products used in various field such as chassis for housing and curtain wall, industrial structure material for building, etc.

    We are growing up as a company specialized in windows and doors particularly through not only the aluminum windows and doors based on the premium system window, but also the PVC windows and doors business With the company ideology “Elegant Space and Joyful Life” and the foundation achieved through 70 years of technical development and management innovation, Namsun Aluminum Co., Ltd. will do the best to grow and develop into the world-class company as a member of SM Group, the leader of the domestic industrial development in construction, architecture, electronics, etc. where puts the high value on the value of life.

    288, Nongongjungang-ro, Nongong-eup, Dalseong-gun, Daegu, Korea

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