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    About Supplier

    SKY SOFTGEL is one of the leading professional manufacturers and exports for Softgel, Counting, Blister & Catoning machines in the world. SKY SOFTGEL provides and services excellent Softgel, counting Blister & Catoning machines with our newly patented feature that is considered one of the latest in technology. All process and testing have been conducted in compliance with GMP and we stand behind our product in quality and accuracy.

    We are sure that our Softgel, Counting, Blister & Catoning machines will be suitable for all of your GMP plant requirements. SKY SOFTGEL is considered a preferred supplier of turnkey Softgel, Counting, Blister & Catoning machines for manufacturing plants world-wide. SKY SOFTGEL’s technology and knowledge base of the Softgel and packaging markets will offer customers a service of outstanding quality and capability. Therefore, your satisfaction is guaranteed with the use of our well crafted machines.

    To foster and grow our customer needs, SKY SOFTGEL continuously strives to meet our customer’s expectations and grow in the evolution of a better machine. SKY SOFTGEL has research and development laboratory and department at the plant. Rest assured that every manufactured product adheres to the most intensive quality control process in our company. Our quality control process is our top priority to ensure that every machine runs to the customer’s request.

    34, Eunbong-ro 60beon-gil, Namdong-gu, Incheon, Korea

    Product List

    Softgel Encapsulation Machine

    Laser Printing Machine
    AFS (Vegetable Softgel)
    SV-1000/3000, SS-300T/100T
    Auto servo sorting Machine
    Basket Washing Machine
    Mixing Equipment
    Die roll & Softgel Shape
    Auto Servo Machine
    Mechanical Machine
    Small Capa & R&D
    Paint Ball
    Drying Equipment
    Optional Function
    High Technology Machine
    Preparation Equipment (Gelatin l Medicine)
    Quality Control Equipment
    Vision Inspection Machine
    CIP System / Detergent Cleaning

    Multi Counting Machine

    Weighing Checker & Metal Detector
    Induction Sealing Inspection Machine
    Supply for the bottle
    Full Counting Line
    Vision Inspection & Auto Reject Machine
    Autobag Pouch Machine
    New Machine with High Technology
    Optional Functions
    Counter for 200bpm
    Counter for 120bpm/60bpm/QC
    Dessicant & Bumper Inserter
    Induction Sealing & Labelling
    Cap/Body Sealer
    Wrapping Machine

    Autobag Pouch Packing

    Autobag Pouch

    Blister Packing Machine

    Auto Servo Platen Type
    Auto Servo Rotary Type

    Cartoner Packing Machine

    Cartoner Packing Machine