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    About Supplier

    Our company has made want to go racing ongoing efforts to develop competitive enterprises own brand since its inception. In addition, our company's products in their respective fields have been developed in products that can lead safe and happy lives of the people supplying the society we want.

    Rated the world's best quality, exported around the worldThese results ROLL CLEANER products, such as that used in steel mills, ZINK POT SCRAPER are exported around the world receive the highest quality rating in the world. 

    In addition, since 2004, to prevent the crash of a subway platform and ground coming develop a safety rope door (RSD) are placed in front of the domestic market. 

    Our company will continue to consistently develop products for a safe and secure environment and quality of life in our society will do its best to carve out market. 

    So far, a lot of care and encouragement Haeju is preaching to thank our customers once again, I hope you'll take great interest in the products of our company.

    44-1, Singeumsandan 1-gil, Okgok-myeon, Gwangyang-si, Jeollanam-do, Korea

    Product List


    Roll Cleaner
    Rope Screen Door
    End-mark Reduction System
    Zinc Pot Roll Scraper