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    About Supplier

    Since its inception in 2001, the company has specialized in manufacture of ductile cast iron pipes used in water works. The company’s conformity with the Korea industry standard for all of its ductile cast iron pipes and shape tubes was certified in August 2002, and is supplying the same to the Korea Public Procurement Office, Korea Water Resources Corporation and other related organizations. The ductile cast iron pipes are one of the safest and the most reliable pipes currently available in the world. Through continuous efforts in research and development the Company shall offer the best quality products to its clients.

    충북 영동군 용산면 법화리 345-2

    Product List

    KP-Mechanical Joint

    KP-Mechanical Joint Pipe Class 1 (K=11)
    KP-Mechanical Joint Pipe Class 2 (K=10)
    KP-Mechanical Joint Pipe Class 3 (K=9)
    KP-Mechanical Joint Sockets
    KP-Mechanical Joint Glands
    KP-Mechanical Joint Bolt and Nut
    KP-Mechanical Joint Rubber Rings
    KP-Mechanical Joint Flanged Sockets
    KP-Mechanical Joint Socket 90°(1/4) Bends
    KP-Mechanical Joint Collars
    KP-Mechanical Joint Socket 45°(1/8) Bends
    KP-Mechanical Joint Socket Tees with Flanged Branch
    KP-Mechanical Joint 11¼° Bends
    KP-Mechanical Joint Socket tapers
    KP-Mechanical Joint Socket Tees

    Flange Joint

    Dimensions PN10 Flanges
    Dimensions PN16 Flanges
    Flanged Spigots
    Double-Flanges Tapers
    Blank Flanges PN10
    Flanges 90°(1/4) Bends
    Flanges 45°(1/8) Bends
    Flanges Duckfood 90°(1/4) Bends
    Flanges Tees with Flanged Bench

    Tyton Joint Sockets

    Tyton Joint Pipe Class 2(K=10)
    Tyton Joint Pipe Class 1(K=11)
    Tyton Joint Pipe Class 3(K=9)
    Tyton Joint Sockets
    Tyton Joint Rubber Ring