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    About Supplier

    We are speciallized in manufacturing variety of precise optical machines.(Curve Generating, Grinding, Polishing, Centering) which are well suited for the production of diverse lenses. 

    SIDAI was established in 1965 for manufacturing optical lens processing machines. 

    SIDAI’s optical machines have been supplied to domestic optical lens manufacturing companies, government-support institutes and optical-related laboratories.

    In exports, SIDAI’s machines have been exported to the USA, CHINA, JAPAN, etc. since 1986. Recently, SIDAI’s machines are widely used in producing lenses & filters for Digital camera, phone camera, CCD camera, cameras for automobiles, etc.. 

    We would like to assure you of our ceaseless efforts in developing high-quality machines & prompt after service. 

    According to customer’s needs, we don’t hesitate to produce new machines. Your continuous cooperation should be needed. We wish all of our customers an ever growing prosperity.

    20, Gamjeong-ro, Gimpo-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

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