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    About Supplier

    SHPAC established in 1973 with hard Cr electroplating that was weak technology at that time, but very essential for many important parts such as shock absorbers, piston rods and brake component for various industry. SHPAC exported hydraulic cylinders for folk lift in 1987 firstly and expanded our portfolio to cope with various demands form market and have supplied various the hydraulic cylinders for construction equipment, special vehicles. Since SHPAC built new manufacturing facilities in 1990, we could localize the imported parts in domestic market and supplied our products to most of global major companies.

    SHPAC will make our effort to manufacture and to supply the best products for customers. SHPAC believe our efforts to bring satisfaction and prosperity of customers. For keeping our reputation and quality, SHPAC will also dedicate to develop new technology and manage more effectively. With 43 year business history, SHPAC promise to be more supportive and reliable company for our customers and do our best to become “Global Top5 Hydraulic System Expert” by 2020.

    81, Hwajeonsandan 5-ro, Gangseo-gu, Busan, Korea

    Product List

    Hydraulic Cylinder

    For Commercial Vehicle
    For Articulated Dump Truck
    For Tower Wagon
    For Crane
    For Construction Equipment
    For Forklift