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    About Supplier

    Healthy environment is the most important to preserve the 21st century in a fine and clean condition for all.

    The main job of Sinsung Plant is to manufacture and install environmental facilities. However, our first priority is always the environment of the earth and the future of all human beings. As a company, we focus on making our employees’ lives as comfortable and happy as possible; as a member of our society, we aspire to contribute to enhancing the quality of all the people. The common, although hidden, factor in achieving these goals is the “healthy environment.” And we believe that Sinsung Plant is a key player that can help protect this environment.

    Sinsung Plant is a company specializing in environment-related products and services. We strive to always remain original in a spirit of passion, challenge and creativity. But we have to do more than just offering good products and services to our customers. A good company must be able to provide products and services that exceed the customers’ expectations, creating new values and leading a more advanced style of life. That is why Sinsung Plant has always had management philosophy that respects people the most; and based on that philosophy, we as a company have continued to make best efforts to offer new values that can help our customers live happier lives.

    We will lead the environment of the 21st century and take a further leap to become a top global company in the future. Please see us through we continue this journey. Lastly, we appreciate the constant faith and affection you have shown for Sinsung Plant. Thank you for your support.

    193, Gwangdeok 1-ro, Danwon-gu, Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

    Product List

    Air Pollution Prevention Facility

    Bag Filter System
    Harmfulness Gas Remove System
    Oil Mist Remove System
    Combustion Gas Remove System
    Industry Ventilation Facility
    Paint Booth
    Electrostatic Precipitator

    Water Pollution Prevention Facility

    Water Pollution Prevention Facility

    Industry Plant

    Storage System (SILO)
    Chlorine By-Pass System
    Bead Tower System
    Crush & Sorting Out System
    Sewage Sludge Remove Facility
    Transfer System (Conveyor)
    Steel Structures & Various Industrial System
    Energy Recovery System From Food Recycling