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  • ShinSung PC

    ShinSung PC

    About Supplier

    Persues the best construction materials with the most reliance, The SHIN SUNG create the future.

    we have been serving bridge anchorages, earth anchor with accessories and S.S.L anchorage etc. to condtruction companies and fields more then 10 years with recognition of perfect quality. And we are efford to reserching and accumulating know-how for better products.

    We promise that doing our best for perfect quality, exact delivery term and prompt delivery until become the best anchorage company.

    71, Jeyakdanji-ro, Hyangnam-eup, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

    Product List

    Products for Bridge

    Normal Type (1,860Mpa)
    Normal Type (2,220/2,400Mpa)
    C Type (1,860Mpa)
    C Type (2,220/2,400Mpa)
    DW Type
    DAG Type
    Flat Type
    Coupling System
    Sheath Pipe

    Ground Anchor

    U-Turn R.A
    N.S.L Anchor
    SSL Anchor
    S-P.A (S-Permanent, Tensile Anchor)
    S-T.A Anchor / Tension Bar
    Earth Anchor

    R & D

    Testing Equipment List
    Anchorage Static Load Test
    Load Transfer Test