Shinshin Pump Manufacturing Co.

Shinshin Pump Manufacturing Co.

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In future, 21st century, scholars predict "The war of water" which is connected directly with human life will be happen, in comparison with 20th century "the war of oil "which lays emphasis on development of industry. From old times, our ancestors value highly ablut conservation of rivers and forests.

But these days people are indifferent to the "water" because there is enough water according to industrialization. Now, controlling the water, according to the quality, is on the rise seriously. "Conservation of rivers and forest" With this, our Shin-Shin Submersible Pump Corp. produces submersible pump which is used as a construction use, waste water pump. aerator, submersible mixer, submersible aquarator, mixed flow pump, propeller pump, sand and gravel pump professionally. What's more, our company accumulates the highest level technology and know-how. And good quality of our pump is recognized by all enterprises. Our company does not neglect only one pump at all. That is to say, we are the est ablut "After Service" From early times, our company has accepted the newest information and technology from Japan and Europe etc., which are technological developed country. To keep pace with various changes, we acquired I.S.O. 9002 certification in December 1998. Our all executives don't satisfy with this, we would come true a great leap. We beg ungrudging encouragement and support from you earnestly. We assure that we will do with all our heart and best ungrudgingly.


76, Buil-ro 809beon-gil, Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea



Shinshin Pump Manufacturing Co.

Shinshin Pump Manufacturing Co.

CEO  Charlie ParkCorporate #  535-86-00664
Ace Dongbaek Tower 1-1101, 16-4, Dongbaekjungang-ro 16beon-gil, Giheung-gu, Yongin City, Gyeonggido, South Korea    (Post Code 17015)

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