Shinho Engineering Model

Shinho Engineering Model

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Our company was founded in 1990, on the basis of leading skills and technologies of local heavy industry.

Our creative model design and model construction techniques, which have been improved and developed over time, have been recognized by many companies.

As exhibition culture and space art have become popular, we are now expanding our business to various fields such as construction, yard plants, simulation testing, mock-up testing, engineering testing, pilot testing, device testing and special modeling.

Our customers include various industry businesses and public institutions.

We are performing various activities including design, process review, research and development. It requires visual effects, educational and promotional literature effects and test models of the actual operation systems developed for design and exhibition.

We are also distributing and cooperating with business operations such as industrial technology development and technology review for testing institutions. We can produce the best sense for our work by creativity, material development and precise and accurate engineering technology review.

We spare no effort to compete and develop in local and international markets, nor to serve our customers with the best quality and price by improving our manufacturing process efficiency.

We pledge to continue to do our best to maintain our confidence in the best technology and skill for the exhibition field, and maintain a humble and gratitude heart toward our customers.


264, Hyoam-ro, Buk-gu, Ulsan, Korea



Shinho Engineering Model

Shinho Engineering Model

CEO  Charlie ParkCorporate #  535-86-00664
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