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    About Supplier

    S.C.C. Shinhan Ceramic is making ceaseless efforts to develop in order to be an exemplary company by means of world-best technologies and transparent business management.

    A powerful company like a small giant! S.C.C. Shinhan Ceramic is taking the lead in R&D with its can do spirit and creative thinking and is doing its best to become a world first-class company specialized in materials in the 21st century by means of management innovation as well as innovation in production, quality, and R&D.

    S.C.C. Shinhan Ceramic, which has grown together with domestic and overseas ceramic material industries, will make a leap forward from simple R&D in the ceramic field to become a world leader not only in the ceramic industry but also in other new material industries.
    Shinhan Ceramic will make constant efforts to develop new products and discover new materials to put the company’s technology standards on par with world standards.

    2090-12 Jeongwang-dong, Siheung-si, Gyeonggi-do

    Product List

    Fine ceramic

    Ceramic for electromagnetism (Ceramic for gas sensor)
    Ceramic for electromagnetism (Ceramic for oxygen sensor)
    Ceramic for electromagnetism (Ceramic for pressure sensor)
    Ceramic for electromagnetism
    Ceramic for medical purpose (Ceramic membrane)
    Ceramic for medical purpose (ATZ Ceramic case for medical purpose)
    Ceramic for medical purpose (Ceramic filter)
    Structural fine ceramic (Other applied Ceramic)
    Structural fine ceramic (Mechanical sealing)
    Structural fine ceramic (Ceramic disc)


    TH100, TH200, TH300, TH800
    Headwork Linear
    S1062-TO, S1087-OO
    Headwork Plastic
    S1015-PO, S1030-PO
    Headwork Brass
    S1015-RO, S1015-SO, S1030-KO, S1062-NO, S1091-SO
    Cartridge 35mm
    35GR, 35GF, 35SR, 35SF, 35SR-3S, 35SF-3S, 35LR, 35LF, 35JR, 35JF, 35SMR, 35SMF, 35ER, 35VR, 35EF, 35ER,A, 35EF,A, 35MR, 35MF, 35AF-H
    Diverter 40mm
    Diverter 35mm
    35D-3W, 35D-2W
    Diverter 31mm
    Diverter 29mm
    Diverter 25mm
    25DP, 25DD-1, 25D-2W
    Cartridge 40mm
    40SR, 40SF, 40SMR, 40SMF, 40SR-3, 40SF-3, 40LR, 40LF, 40JR, 40JF, 40AR, 40AF, 40ER, 40EF
    Cartridge 38mm
    38AF, 38AF-CO, 38AF-H, 38AF-3S, 38EF, 38EF-CO, 38EF,A, 38EF,A-CO
    Cartridge 33mm
    33AF, 33AF-H
    Cartridge 25mm
    25SR, 25SF, 25ER, 25ER,A, 25EF, 25NR


    Accessories for faucet
    SS-100+SH-100, SS-101+SH101
    Common faucet
    SL3301, SL3302, SL3303, SB3200, SB3201, SB3202, SB3203
    Thermostat faucet
    SB3282, SB3281
    Washing machine faucet
    SG-101IL, SG-101IU, SG-101CL, SG-101CU, SG-104CC, SG-104HC, SG-104C2
    Shower faucet shelf
    LG30100+LG39000, LG30100, LG30102, LG30109, LG30009, LG30002+SAB1002, LG30150, LG30152, LG30159, LG30150+SR39000, LG30152+SAB1002