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    About Supplier

    Shindo Eng. Lab, established in 1989, developed TFT LCD which is a manufacturing process and has been delivered to LCD panel equipment manufacturing , it is only in Korea. The president of company Woung-ki Park and staff make and sell Exposure M/C, assembly M/C, LC filling M/C, Hot press and other LCD equipment.

    Shindo Eng. Lab's LCD equipment is built with abundant experience and know-how through a "try and try again" attitude.We are not frustrated by failure and a trail and error process. This is how we solve the difficult problems that arise in the development process. Our equipment is not a simple imitation of an advanced technology but an accomplishment arounded in creative and new technological concepts.In the future, Shindo Eng. Lab, will continue to supply more quality products in the LCD manufacturing sector.

    Creative Technology

    It is Shindo's key word!

    Shindo Engineering Laboratory has devoting itself to create the efficientand productive equipment and machinery of LCD production for last ten years. We are sure Customer will be satisfied with our fullexperience and accumulated know-how. Shindo Eng. Lab, provides also Creative Technology for the best productivity. Shindo Eng. Lab, knows how to make the equipment!

    110, Beotkkot-ro, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Korea

    Product List


    Auto Clave
    Assembly Machine
    Auto Clave
    Robbing Machine
    Spacer Sprayer
    TAB Attacher
    Vacuum Press
    LC Filling Machine
    Auto Scriber
    P/I Printer
    Polarizer Attacher
    End Seal Machine