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  • Shinchang Industry

    About Supplier

    Starting as a rubber parts manufacturer in 1988, Shinchang Industry has become a reliable supplier providing quality products at a reasonable price. We own facilities for rubber parts, press, bonding, and plastic and sintered parts to meet various needs of our clients with a one-stop service. We have firmly established a quality system on the basis of our more-than-20 years of experiences in export business with numerous global enterprises in Japan and the United States. Shinchang Industry is also supplying diverse products to a number of leading businesses in Korea.
    With "Quality means everything" as a mission statement, Shinchang Industry strictly controls product quality in accordance with ISO9001 and TS16949. Thanks to its continuous efforts in innovation and cost reduction, Shinchang Industry has competitive edges both in the quality of products and cost. 
    We will make continued efforts to become a global Hidden Champion.

    충남 천안시 서북구 직산읍 신갈리 257

    Product List


    Press Facility
    Expansion Tank
    Boiler Frame
    Metal Stamping


    Rubber Facility
    Anti-vibration rubber
    Rubber Connector


    Fuel Tank / Others
    Welding Facility
    Air Cleaner
    Plastic Fan
    The Others