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  • Shin Il

    About Supplier

    Shinil is a specializing company that has manufactured only special steel, stainless steel scourers and kitchen cleaners since its establishment in 1977.
    We make efforts to provide our customers with the highest satisfaction with our knowhow of 40 years in the kitchen cleaners/scrubbers.
    In particular, we are making our utmost effort to develop / supply the products subdividing per each country and region, keeping up with the global era. We recently increase the investment to R&D to introduce the products manufactured in accordance with the concept of nature, human-beings and environment to our customers.

    Currently we supply our kitchen cleaners to 31 companies in 25 countries in the regions of North/South America, Europe, Asia and Middle East.
    We are proud of the fact that half of our customers have been doing the business with us more than 14 years.
    We think that it is not possible without the absolute mutual trust.
    We suppose that the driving forces of the long-term business with our partners are consistent quality control and thorough after-sale service.

    We already possess the certification of ISO2004-9001, BSCI, SGS and are preparing the other certificates.
    We have acquired the certification in order to provide our customers with greater trust and the customers can rely on our products and sell them to consumers. Our business experiences and production know-how during last 35 years in Korea and China will provide you with the opportunity of your new choice.

    58, Ogeum-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul, Korea

    Product List

    Metal Scourer

    Metal Scourer
    Steel Wool

    Kitchen Sponge

    Kitchen Cleaning Sponge
    Non-woven Scouring Pad
    Non-woven Kitchen Sponge
    Cellulose Sponge
    Melamine (Magic Eraser)


    Net Kitchen Scourer
    Non-woven Cloth
    Plastic Net Mesh Scourer

    Raw Material

    Semi Products Sponge Roll
    Precrimped Wire Mesh
    Security Screening