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  • Shin Han EPS

    About Supplier

    “We sincerely welcome customers to our company Shin Han EPS Co., Ltd. always together with customers.”

    As our customers and partners have assisted us with thE/Ir continued interest since our establishment in 1989, our company has steadily grown into a manufacturer of customers’ custom transformers that can meet growing green initiatives.

    Based on our mechanical and molding technologies and other patented, we competitively supply good quality products to customers such as the development of transformer cores and eco-friendly transformer.
    As such, we are equipped with a competitive pricing edge due to our in-house production itself, from core tooling design to core stamping, transformer design and manufacturing. Based on skilled know-how, we will try for a good “Win-Win” partnership with all customers in the future. We will continue to grow as an honest and reliable company by making continued technology development, investment and continuous quality improvement that will match with the global era. We appreciate you for the customers’ help and always ask you to offer your generous support.

    7, Emtibeui 25-ro 20beon-gil, Siheung-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

    Product List


    AC / DC Reactors & High-Frequency Reactor


    Single-Phase Transformer
    Three-Phase Transformer
    UV Transformer
    NCT / Sapphire Ingot Transformer

    Dual-Channel Power Supply

    NCT / Sapphire Ingot Transformer


    Clip Core Coupling Device
    Adhesive Laminated Core

    Core Tooling

    Core Tooling (Cemented Carbide Die) Production
    Production of Core Assembly Machines