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  • Seyang Corporation

    About Supplier

    Since its establishment in 1980, Seyang Corporation has been the leader in compressed air dryer and pneumatic equipment industry in Korea.

    Our company manufactures and supplies major clients in both home and abroad with high-quality products based on continuous research and technology development.

    Our engineering services and quality of products are highly distinguished and recognized for excellence in the world market.

    Seyang Corporation has a leading engineering capacity and manufacturing capabilities built on around 40 years of technology and co-production partnership with global leading pneumatic engineering houses and compressed air dryer package makers. Seyang is also expanding the firm’s technology and manufacturing capabilities by forming a strategic partnership with other global leading engineering houses.

    Currently, Seyang Corporation is the leader in the field of air dryer equipment in the global market and is building up reputation in the Non-Purge / Zero-Purge System sector for energy saving.

    With proven design and manufacturing capabilities obtained through various domestic and overseas projects for around 40 years, Seyang Corporation has made remarkable achievements in the emerging markets overseas and is also securing its position as a global small giant in the air dryer package engineering sector through rigorous and continuous R&D.

    31, Gongdan 1-daero 79beon-gil, Siheung-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

    Product List

    Adsorption-type Dryer

    Adsorption-type Dryer
    DSH-13, DSH-25, DSH-40, DSH-60, DSH-85, DSH-120, DSH-150, DSH-200, DSH-240, DSH-350, DSH-430, DSH-560, DSH-720, DSH-900, DSH-110, DSH-1300, DSH-1550, DSH-2100, DSH-3000, DSH-4100, DSH-5400
    Adsorption-type Dryer
    DBP-370, DBP-450, DBP-590, DBP-750, DBP-930, DBP-1130, DBP-1350, DBP-1750, DBP-2100, DBP-3000, DBP-4100, DBP-5200
    Adsorption-type Dryer
    DSE-120, DSE-160, DSE-260, DSE-370, DSE-450, DSE-590, DSE-750, DSE-930, DSE-1130, DSE-1350, DSE-1750, DSE-2100, DSE-3000, DSE-4100, DSE-5400
    Adsorption-type Dryer
    DSI-120, DSI-160, DSI-260, DSI-370, DSI-450, DSI-590, DSI-750, DSI-930, DSI-1130, DSI-1350, DSI-1750, DSI-2100, DSI-3000, DSI-4100
    Adsorption-type Dryer
    DSN-260, DSN-370, DSN-450, DSN-590, DSN-750, DSN-930, DSN-1130, DSN-1350, DSN-1550, DSN-2100, DSN-3000, DSN-4100, DSN-5400

    Combination-type Dryer

    Combination-type Dryer
    CRD-1000, CRD-1500, CRD-2000, CRD-2500, CRD-3000, CRD-3500, CRD-4000, CRD-4500, CRD-5000, CRD-6000, CRD-7000, CRD-8000, CRD-8500, CRD-10000, CRD-12000, CRD-15000, CRD-20000

    Membrane-type Dryer

    Membrane-type Dryer
    HMM Series


    Drain Trap
    After Cooler
    Air Filter