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Product Name MIRINE® Ductless HVAC System
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Product Description

Servan Mirine units provide comfortable and effective indoor climate for large buildings with high ceiling.
Our Mirine units are divided into 3 types : air distribution, indoor recirculation(type-D), and roof ventilation(type-R), and individually or combined together, they provide the optimal level of cooling, heating, and ventilation effectively throughout the building. These modular units provide full flexibility and adaptability in all phases from selection, planning, installation, operation to after-sales service.


MIRINE® Features

– Enjoy the benefits of ductless system. More space availability, improved hygiene, and easier maintenance.
– Ventilation, recirculation, and heat recovery operations reduce the operation cost in overall.
– Multi-zone decentralized air conditioning offers full flexibility in configuring the most optimized climate conditions for the entire building.
– Patented air distribution reduces temperature differential between heights, thereby preventing temperature stratification and excessive heat loss.
– MIRINE® is a flexible system without limits. Whether there needs to be a change in the space usage, or in the building’s dimension, simply add more units or set up your new zones.


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