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    About Supplier

    Servan, established in 1993, is a leading manufacturer of HVAC system and its related products. We provide optimal HVAC products and solutions for every building from air handling units, rooftop air handling units, heat exchangers(rotor, plate), heat recovery ventilation units, to clean rooms and building automation systems. Servan’s technology and product quality have been certified by various domestic and international standards, including Korean Public Procurement Service, ISO, CE, and AHRI. Beginning in 2013, Servan’s HVAC solutions have entered the global market in Russia, Vietnam and China. Our air handling units and heat exchangers have proven their quality by providing optimal air conditioning even in the harsh climate of Moscow.

    Servan cares about preserving our environment. Thus, our everyday goal is to provide energy efficient air conditioning for all constructions, while not giving up the best air quality. Servan’s R&D Center, authorized under Korea Industrial Technology Association, conducts research projects in partnership with various institutions and university labs to improve our products quality to the next level and to make contribution for the regional development.

    Servan will look beyond and prepare for the next 200 years to become the global corporation that provides the best HVAC solution.

    27, Hwajeonsandan 5-ro, Gangseo-gu, Busan, Korea

    Product List


    MIRINE® Ductless HVAC System
    Building Automation System
    Heat Recovery Ventialtors
    Air Optimizer
    Axial fans / Jet fans
    Clean room
    Air Handling Units
    Heat exchangers