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SERVAN Air Handling Units

– Frame structure that considers balance and durability of the heat exchangers
– Horizontal / Vertical installation available
– Suitable for compact air handling units
– Flexible selection of heat exchanger models
– Installation and maintenance friendly structure
– Installs bypass structure on the heat exchanger part
– Heat exchangers can be installed in multiple numbers
– Energy usage reduced by 30% and above
– Heat recovery rate : 70% and above(AHRI certified)

SERVAN Air Handling Units  1

– Frame structure that considers balance and durability of the heat exchangers
– Suitable for medical and pharmaceutical facilities, and clean rooms(0% leakage)
– Energy usage reduced by 20% and above
– Heat recovery rate : 60% and above(AHRI certified)
– Bypass damper allows OA cooling during change of seasons
– Maintenance and operation-friendly damper structure for the AHU and the heat exchanger
– Optimizes airflow and static pressure between plate and bypass section
– Precise production based on pressure calculation

SERVAN Air Handling Units  2

– Direct-coupled operation of motor and fan > requires inverter
– No need to replace consumables such as bearing, belt and grease
– No dust formed during cleanroom installation
– Fans can be installed in multiple numbers depending on project specifications
– Reduces motor power by increasing return fan efficiency
– Automatic counterflow prevention via motor-damper interlock

Direct-coupled fan features

Impeller diameter    315 – 1250mm (14 types)
Blade material    Aluminum 6000 series (corrosion proof)
Static pressure    2100 Pa (maximum)
Volumetric flow    0.5 – 32㎥/sec

SERVAN Air Handling Units  3

Subcontractor for Samsung

– For air handling unit with heat pump
– Solution from selection, installation, to aftersales service

System stability

– Servan’s patented technologies allows optimal heating /
cooling to the building occupants

Precise control

– Suitable for every field specifications

Touch screen installed

– User-friendly operation

SERVAN Air Handling Units  4

SERVAN’s heat pump air handling unit provides ventilation and humidification specialized for large interior spaces with high ceilings.
Combined with Samsung’s high-tech DVM outdoor units, SERVAN guarantees to provide optimal indoor climate condition for the building occupants. ​

SERVAN Air Handling Units  5

– Select the optimal desiccant method by each project specifications (Active desiccant / Passive desiccant)
(Various desiccant methods: 1:1 / 1:3 / 1:1:2)
– Use of rotor total heat exchanger reduces coil capacity and energy consumption
– Use of various regenerative heat sources
(Hot water, steam, electricity, indoor exhaust air, waste heat, solar heat)


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