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  • Seorin Machine Engineering

    About Supplier

    Our company has specialized in the rolling mill equipment since the establishment 1984, and we are making efforts to develop the best products with advanced technology and the latest equipment under the reasonable and organized business ethic.

    We do our best to enhance domestic and international competition by improving the product quality. In addition, we will continue to provide the best possible service to our customers and shareholders with our technically skilled manpower.

    We should realize that our accomplishments could not have been possible without customer’s satisfaction and belief. Moving forward, we promise that we will devote our full attention to R&D and product quality.

    1224-26, Gimhae-daero, Hallim-myeon, Gimhae-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, Korea

    Product List

    Rolling Equipment / Large Cylinder

    A.G.C Cylinder Assembly
    A.W.C Cylinder Assembly
    Work Roll Bending Block
    Rotary Cylinder / Joint Assembly
    Balancing Cylinder Block
    Shifting Block Assembly

    Rolling Equipment / Roll Grinder

    O.R.D Assembly
    O.R.G Assembly
    R.S.M Assembly
    R.S.M Accessories

    Rolling Equipment / Cylinder with Sensor

    Oscillate Cylinder Assembly
    In Rod Cylinder Assembly

    General Steel Manufacture

    Cross Beam Assembly
    Cross Head Assembly
    Welder Guide Rail Assembly
    Welder Rotary Shear Assembly
    Welder Die Set Assembly
    Side Trimmer Assembly
    Down Coiler Segment

    The other Steel Manufacture

    Force Motor Valve Part
    Electrode Assembly
    Rod Mill Assembly
    Rotary Actuator Assembly
    Water Jet Assembly

    Sensor for Industry

    A.G.C Inductosyn Assembly
    Down Coiler Inductosyn Assembly
    Roll Force Cylinder inductosyn Assembly
    12.8mm Pitch NSD Type Sensor
    8.192mm Pitch NSD Type Sensor
    51.2mm Pitch NSD Type Sensor

    Industrial Equipment

    Bolster Assembly / Dieholder
    Head Box Assembly
    Hood Assembly