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Product Name 1CH Ruggedized H.264 DVR
Model AKR-70T
Series Professional Security
Catalog 1CH Ruggedized H.264 DVR.pdf
Product Description

1CH Ruggedized H.264 DVR AKR-70T

"Enhanced Video Quality with Hardware De-Interlace"


AKR-70T, ruggedized & compact design for industrial purpose, is ideal for those who are looking for durable and reliable device.
It features aluminum exterior case that can protect recorded data by external shock and resist any temperature change.  
It also reinforced graphic quality than previous model.
Customers will satisfy its product quality and performance. 
Adopting hardware de-interlace solution, AKR-70T shows more enhanced video quality when it captures moving objects. 


- Dimension: 120(W) X 56(L) X 30(H) 
- mmResolution: 4CIF / 2CIF / CIF
- Recording Mode: Sensor-In / Motion Detection / Schedule / Manual
- Hardware De-interlace Chip Embedded
- Dual Power Support for Vehicles: 12/24V
- SD Card Storage up to 32G (64G Available in FAT32)


Seorim Technology 1CH Ruggedized H.264 DVR AKR-70T


Seorim Technology 1CH Ruggedized H.264 DVR AKR-70T 1

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