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    About Supplier

    With tireless passion and challenging spirit, Seokwang Industrial Co., Ltd. enhances the value for customers through the top technological competitiveness and leads change and progress together with customers in trust.

    We, SEOKWANG INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD, are professional machinery maker for various industries with using hydraulic system technology. We have been improving our machineries based on our core technology and have diversified manufacturing range of industrial machineries.

    Since the foundation on 1992, we have concentrated on technology development in JCO LSAW steel pipe manufacturing machineries & line and accumulated them for becoming top class maker in this field. 
    As "Turn-Key base maker” of this manufacturing line, we have worked for almost all Korean Steel Pipe Makers including export to overseas customers. 

    Our competence is really on the shorter delivery, lower price and systemized quality control with giving full satisfaction to customers.

    In addition to the above, we are extending to the production of 5MW mono-pile off shore synchronous system and to eco-friendly new renewable energy, especially wind power energy. These new field will be the source technology and driving power for our future growth.

    With new technology development and company value enhancement, which are made through creative thinking and endless management innovation, we, SEOKWANG IND. CO., LTD, will drive to manufacture most optimized, highest quality machineries for our customers.

    93-26, Hagye-ro 240beon-gil, Jinyeong-eup, Gimhae-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, Korea

    Product List

    JCO LSAW Pipe Manufacturing Facilities

    Pre Bending Machine
    Radio Graphic Test Machine
    JCO LSAW Pipe Manufacturing Facilities & Process
    Ultra Sonic Test Machine
    End Facing Machine
    JCO Forming Press
    Calibration Press
    Long Seam Milling Machine
    Tack Welding Machine
    Edge Milling Machine
    Hydrostatic Test Machine

    Circumference Welding Machineries

    End Beveling Machine
    Roll Bending Machine

    Production of Hydraulic Equipment

    Production of Hydraulic Equipment

    Industry Applied Machineries

    Industry Applied Machineries

    Renewable Energy

    Renewable Energy