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    About Supplier


    Will Measure the 21st Century with Creativity and innovation

    We have the technology to make advances into the future

    We are also committed to being leaders in the 21st century and achieving the ultimate in customer satisfaction

    Our success in achieving a solid business foundation for our business areas over the last 30 years is due to the constant support and encouragement of our valued customers. We were the first company in the country to have attained ISO 9001 and KEPIC (Korea Electric Power Industry Code) certifications, specializing in the manufacturing of a broad range of Level Sensors and Flow Meters intended for the fields of chemical facilities, food & animal feed, ceramics and mining, paper manufacturing, textile, steel and metal products, precision machined products industry, wastewater and sewage treatment facilities, construction facilities, hydroelectric, steam-powered, nuclear generating facilities, and aerospace.

    Our broad range of manufacturing services, combined with SEJIN rich expertise and technical know-how, was enabled us to secure the core technologies in the knowledge-based measuring instrument industry that uses digital HART (Smart) intelligent information transmission technology.

    We, as a general measuring instrument manufacturer, aim to become the world`s top manufacturer within some years. We also set ‘Change’, ‘innovation’ and ‘Reliability’ as our priorities to meet changing clients needs to better adjust to developments occurring during this first half of the century.

    14, Dunchon-daero 457beon-gil, Jungwon-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

    Product List

    Level Switch

    Capacitance Type Level Switch
    SCAP Series
    Vibrating Folk Type Level Switch
    SVF Series
    Mini Magnetic Float Type Level Switch
    SFM Series
    Remote Drum Level Indicator (RDLI) & Switch (RDLS)
    SDG-3000 Series, SDS-3000 Series
    Liquid Flow Switch
    SF Series
    Tilt Level Switch
    STT Series
    Pneumatic Type Level Switch
    SFP Series
    Unification Float Type Level Switch
    SFS-2 Series
    Reliable Vibration Type Level Switch
    SVL Series
    Piston Type Level Switch
    SC5 Series, SB3 Series
    Paddle Type Level Switch
    SPS+ Series, SR7 Series
    Radio Frequency Type Level Switch
    SRF Series
    Vertical Magnetic Float Type Level Switch
    SHM-2000 Series
    Horizontal Magnetic Float Type Level Switch
    SHM-100 Series
    Vertical Float Type Level Switch
    SMC-7 Series
    Displacement Type Level Switch
    SMC Series
    Electrode Type Level Switch
    SH(SEC) Series
    Quick Float Type Level Switch
    SQ Series
    Float Type Level Switch
    SOL Series, ST Series

    Level Transmitter

    Level Gauge & Sight Glass
    SHBG Series, SHRG Series, SHTG Series, SHRZG Series, SHTZG Series, SHRLG Series, SHTLG Series, SHRG Series, SHTG Series, SHRG Series, SHRLG Series, SHTLG Series, SHRJG Series, SHTJG Series, SHRG Series, SHTG Series, SHCG Series, SHRG Series, SHTG Series, SHMG Series, SHSG Series, SHWPG Series, SMC-1000 Series
    Air Purge Type Level Transmitter
    SLA Series
    Magnetostrictive Type Level Transmitter
    SMS Series
    Capacitance Type Level Transmitter
    SCAP-IV Series
    Pressure Type Level Transmitter
    SPT Series, SPL Series
    Torque Tube, Displacement Type Level Transmitter
    SDT-420 Series
    Liquid Tank Level Gauge
    SLT Series
    Gear Type Liquid Level Transmitter
    SGL Series
    Float Type Level Transmitter
    ST-600 Series

    Level Controller

    Multi-wire Level Controller
    SLCA-H-4W Series, SLCA-HL-5W Series, SQ-3U-4W Series, SQ-4U-5W Series, SQ-2ST-6W Series, SEC-4U-4W Series, SEC-5U-5W Series
    Level Controller
    SLA-4P Series, SMA-4P Series, SLA-4P-E Series, SLA-4P-Q Series
    Level Controller
    SQ-3U Series, SQ-4U Series, SQ-4U-2W Series, SQ-4U-5W Series, SQ-2ST-6W Series, SQ-2U Series
    Level Controller
    SLC-100U Series, SLCA-H Series, SLCA-HL Series, SLCA-H-4W Series, SLCA-HL-5W Series
    Level Controller
    SEC-3U Series, SEC-5U-2W Series, SEC-5U-5W Series
    Level Controller
    SLIC-4P Series, SLIC-4PC Series
    Level Controller
    SLI-100U Series


    Ultrasonic Flowmeter
    SUF Series
    Wedge Flowmeter
    SWF Series
    Magnetic Flow Meter
    SMF Series, ACEMAG-SMF Series, SMF-H Series, SMF-R Series, SMF-S Series
    Venturi Tube
    SVT Series, SVT-A Series, SVT-B Series, SVT-C Series, SVT-F Series
    Flow Nozzle
    SFN Series
    Orifice Plate
    SOP-10 Series, SOP-20 Series, SOP-30 Series, SOP-40 Series, SOP-41 Series, SOP-42 Series, SOP-43 Series, SOP-50 Series
    Metal Flow Meter
    SMC-1000, SMC-2000, SMC-3000
    Sight Glass
    SHSG Series, SHWPG Series
    Cone Type Flowmeter
    SCF Series
    Multi Point Averaging Flowmeter
    MPA Series
    Averaging Pitot Tube
    SAP-810 Series


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