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  • Seochang Electric Communication

    Seochang Electric Communication

    About Supplier

    New way of thinking make a New people and a new people can create new technology.

    We, Seochang electric communication is trying harder to create new world, we always help our customer at hand.

    Revolutionary development of information leads information society, sending industrial society to a back street of the 21st century.

    In the past, it was possible to compete with each other by only experience or plain information. However it is possible in the present age. A sudden change, a keen competition and survival. That is our present business environment.

    A company can be competitive and an information oriented society can be made by only the business strategy which is made from high technology skills.

    We need new business strategy under new business environment. When we establish a new business strategy, we need pointed and information technology. 

    Information technology that can cope with 21st century business environment speaking for uncertainty, variety, sudden change, swiftness and accuracy must equip flexibility, speed, productivity and high technology evenly.

    Therefore, Seochang electric communication is trying hard always to be a best company that has the latest and best technology about PQM(Power Quality Management) which is based on next generation PQM skills.

    We will made every effort to create new IT technology world by the strong conviction that a new way of thinking make a new people can create new technology, also we will be with you always in order to be your helper.

    121, Dalseo-daero 58-gil, Dalseo-gu, Daegu, Korea

    Product List

    Energy Meter

    E-type(Electricity Meter with RS485 communication)
    SCE 1266A/1268A
    G-Type Electricity Meter
    SCE 2205/1235/2509/1521
    Advanced E-type
    SCE 1255/1268
    LV Standard Electricity Meter
    SCE Series
    Intelligent Recording Meter
    SCK 2509/2511/2513
    IEC Standard form
    SL7000, A1800
    For Power Generation Electricity Meter
    7000-7006, 7000-7005
    Synthesis metering device
    SCE SM 7550

    Power Meter


    Meter Test Equipment

    Suitable for IEC Meters (Single/Poly Phase)
    Suitable for ANSI Meters
    Portable MTE

    Water Meter

    Rotary Vane Wheel Dry-dial Magnetic-drive Water Meter
    Rotary Vane Wheel Dry-dial Plastic body cold Water Meter
    Rotary Vane Wheel Dry-dial Single-jet Water Meter
    Volumetric Rotary Piston Water Meter
    Volumetric Rotary Plastic Body Water Meter
    Horizontal Woltmann Detachable Dry-dial Water Meter

    System Project

    AMR System
    OMR System
    Distribution panel

    Smart Grid Project

    Digital Input Unit