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  • Sentryon

    About Supplier

    Aiming the world best sensor supplier in the market, Sentrion is growing rapidly.

    Sentrion is an exporter and manufactures representative for electronic components products, are one of the leading exporter and manufacturers in the field of electronic parts industry in Korea. Sentrion is manufacture and offers complete Sensor part of temperature, humidity, sensing solutions and related components to our customers across the globe.

    Many years experiences in marketing and manufacturing have allowed us to offer these solutions that exactly meet our customer's requirements.

    Sentrion supplies NTC thermistors, Humidity sensors and Thermal Fuses related components into the key market areas of Automotive, Mobile phone, HVAC and domestic applications.

    We believe that the need for exacting temperature and humidity sensing will continue to grow especially in the areas of mobile phone, HVAC and domestic applications.

    Sentrion is positioning itself to take advantage of these market dynamics and will offer world leading solutions to their customers, backed up by high quality products and best-in-class service.

    Constant marketing and production development mean that Sentrion is continually improving its performance across a wide range of products.

    219, Gasan digital 1-ro, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Korea

    Product List

    NTC Thermistor

    Diode type Thermistor
    SMD NTC Thermistor
    CIG Thermistor
    Epoxy Coated Thermistor
    Insulated wire Thermistor

    Temperature Sensor

    For Boilers
    For Coffee Machines
    For High Temperature
    For Electric Ovens
    For Microwaves
    For Refrigerators
    For Refrigerators
    For Electric Ovens
    For Air conditioners
    For Air conditioners
    For Boilers

    Humidity Sensor

    Case type Resistive humidity Sensor
    Module type Resistive humidity Sensor
    Element type Resistive humidity Sensor

    Thermal Fuse

    SW-1 Series
    SW-3 Series
    SW-2 Series

    PTC Thermistor

    For Temperature sensor
    For Heating element
    For Over current protection

    New Item

    Humidity & Temperature sensor probe
    Waterproof Temperature(TPE) Sensor
    Temperature sensor


    ZnO Varistor