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Amino Farm (Natural Amino Acids), Used as Plant Supplements

Amino Farm is a nutritional plant supplement product that is made from extracting high-quality, high-concentration natural amino acids from protein (which is obtained through the fermentation of fish and brown sugar).
The product was launched by Uhm Se-yong, the CEO of the company, after three years of research. The fact that natural amino acid plant supplements could be mass-produced, ratherthan conventional small-scale production for self-consumption was spotlighted.

In particular, as a result of an evaluation by Gangwon-do Agricultural Research & Extensions Services, the product has 18 kinds of amino acids, including glycolic acid, which enhances disease resistance. The product is found to have an efficacy of crop growth and the weight increase and sugar content increase of fruit.

Yangyang-gun Agricultural Technology Center, operating a demonstration field for rice (10ha), fruits and vegetables (0.5ha), fruit (4ha), and soybean (5ha), announced that the harvested amount of rice had been increased by 30 kg per 10a (300 pyeong). In addition, according to the center, the harvested amount of red pepper and cucumbers was increased by up to 60%, and the commercialization rate of harvested vegetables was improved significantly.

The quantity of harvested fruit also was increased and the sugar content was increased by up to 2.2 Brix. As such, the product can realize an improved product value.


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Sedeung Seafood

Sedeung Seafood

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