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  • Sechang Int'l

    About Supplier

    We Sechang Int'l Co., Ltd. are the special manufacturer of conveyor system with the best quality. Also, we are the biggest agent for shock absorber and stop damper. 

    On the principle that we make customer satisfy, we keep trying and developing for conveyor system's standardization. We design and maintain the conveyor system adjust to customer's demands. 

    Through our industrial know-how, we make the complete competence and the best solutions which are available to our customers with price competitiveness, especially shock absorber.

    We promise that we support our customers and provide them with high-quality products and services. 

    21-32, Juseok-ro 184beon-gil, Namyang-eup, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

    Product List

    Conveyor System

    Drive & Return Unit
    Diverter Unit
    Position Unit
    Turn Unit
    Backup Press Unit
    Lift(Elevator) Unit
    Pallet Ass'y Unit
    Leg Set
    Cross Connector
    Position Sensor
    Roller Chain
    Flat Top Chain
    Belt Conveyor
    Belt Conveyor
    Mini Conveyor - Roller Chain
    Timming Belt Type Mini Conveyor

    Stop Damper

    Delta 0400
    Delta 0140
    Delta 070
    Delta 0300
    Delta 0800
    Delta 0120

    Shock Absorber

    M25 Standard Type
    KBM 11-25 Series
    M25 저속형
    KBM 11-25 Series
    M25 Pitch 변경형
    KBM 11-25 Series
    KBM 20-50 Series
    KBM 14-50 Series
    KBM 7-3 Series
    KBM 7-6 Series
    KBM 7-15 Series
    KBM 8-10 Series
    KBM 10-30 Series
    KBM 10-50 Series
    KBM 10-20 Series


    HVFD 10F-N15
    HVFD 10F-N18

    Mini Motion Package


    Speed Controller