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    About Supplier

    SeAhn System Corporation was established in June 1999, and has grown as an enterprise than specializes in design and construction of automation and rationalization equipments for plastic molding factory.

    SeAhn System Corporation is focusing on domestic markets as well on developing export market and is supplying its system to South and Central America, the Americas, South Europe, and Middle East. With years of experience in various overseas construction, we are supplying every facilities and equipments including cooling systems, distribution facilities, raw material transportation systems, and other utilities that are needed in plastic molding factories. We are doing our best to satisfy our customers by providing the skilled technology and long experience of SeAhn System Corporation to improve the rationalization and productivity of the plastic molding factory design, process consulting and the existing factory facilities.

    We will always think from the point of view of our customers and put all of our effort in our customers’ satisfaction, and do our best until your decision to choose SeAhn System Corporation will be proven best, and until we could make you the best as well.

    692-19, Cheongbukjungang-ro, Cheongbuk-eup, Pyeongtaek-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

    Product List

    Material Feeding

    Desiccant Dryer
    Hopper Dryer
    Keep Dryer
    Hopper Loader
    Color Mixer
    Mini Mixer

    Compressed Air Dryers

    Compressed Air Dryers

    Desiccant Dryer

    Single-Tower Desiccant Dryers
    Twin-Tower Desiccant Dryers
    Honeycomb Wheel Desiccant Dryers
    Technical Table

    Steam Injection

    NEXTIM 700
    700 Series
    NEXTIM 500
    500 Series
    NEXTIM 300
    300 Series

    Mold Temperature Control

    Mold Temperature Controller
    SAMC Series
    SAWC Series

    Business Field

    Business Field