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    About Supplier

    Sanil Electric will be a leader of High-Tech Society through continuous R&D and technology innovation

    Having started as a reactor manufacturer in 1987, Sanil has made continuous efforts to develop overseas markets since its establishment. As a result, Sanil is now recognized as a reliable supplier of proven technological capabilities in global industries. Valuable experiences obtained through business transactions in the world market will be core competences for future sustainable growth.

    Sanil's history is filled with challenges for satisfying special demands from overseas customers. Sparing no effort to meet customer's diverse needs eventually led Sanil to become an expert in the transformer industry. In addition to various types of transformers and reactors, new products such as sensors and soft starter for electric motors made successful market entrance and sales are being expanded. Based on accumulated experience and trust, Sanil is expanding global presence to become a leader in the electrical power industry.

    Sanil will continue to invest in R&D to create customers' needs and lead technological innovation. Sanil will move forward to become a major player in the global power industry and ultimately a world's leading enterprise.

    481, Sihwabencheo-ro, Danwon-gu, Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

    Product List

    Oil Immersed Transformer

    Distribution Transformer
    Power Transformer
    Pol Mounted Transformer
    Auto Transformer
    PAD Mounted Transformer

    Cast Resin Transformer

    Conventional Cast Resin Transformer
    Marine Cast Resin Transformer
    Cast Resin Auto Transformer
    AFWF Cooled Cast-resin Transformer

    Dry Type

    Converter / Inverter Transformers
    VPI Transformer
    Marine Dry Type Transformer


    Water cooling Reactor
    Series Reactor for Condenser
    AC/DC Reactor (UPS / Inverter)
    Motor Staring Reactor
    Air-Core Reactor

    Soft Starter

    High Voltage Soft Starter
    Low Voltage Soft Starter


    Alternative Maritime Power


    DC Analog Type Proximity Sensor
    Fiber Sensor - Amp
    SFD-1, SFD-2
    Ring Type - Amp
    Connector Cable
    Area Sensor (Normal)
    Safety Light Curtain
    Multi beam sensor (Elevator)
    DC Long Distance Type Proximity Sensor
    U-type Sensor (Assembled Type)
    U-type Sensor (Photo Type)
    Output Transformer
    U-type Sensor (Magneto Type)
    Limited Reflection Type Photo Sensor
    DC Capacitance Type Proximity Sensor
    Transmission Photo Sensor
    Direct Reflection Type Photo Sensor
    DC Cylindrical Type Proximity Sensor
    Ring Type - Ring Sensor
    AC Capacitance Type Proximity Sensor
    Miller Reflection Type Photo Sensor
    Ring Type - Separate Type Proximity sensor
    Fiber Sensor - Cable
    Temperature Controller
    DC Square Type Proximity Sensor
    AC Cylindrical Type Proximity Sensor


    Rotary Encoder