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  • Samyoung Eng

    About Supplier

    SAMYOUNG ENG CO.,LTD. promises to become the leader in the energy industry through putting human and environment before anything else.

    SAMYOUNG ENG CO.,LTD. Based on our experts with specialized experiences in each field, we promise to provide our customers with the quality technology as well as the best competitiveness in the related industry through optimizing our clean room and purity plant which serve as the production environment for clean products such as pharmaceutical, food and semi-conductor.

    703-14, Hyundaikia-ro, Namyang-eup, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

    Product List

    Clean Room

    ICR/BCR System
    GMP/GLP System
    BIO HAZARD System
    HACCP System
    Clean Equipment

    HVAC Equipment

    Air Handling Unit
    Screw Refrigerator
    SY-A/W Series
    Reciprocating Refrigerator (Hermetic)
    SY-A/W Series
    Reciprocating Refrigerator (Semi-hermetic)
    SY-A/W Series
    Auto clean net cooling facility

    Renewable Energy

    Photovoltaic Power Generation
    Geothermal Heat Pump
    SY-PB Series
    High Temperature Water Heat Pump

    Medical Device

    Steam Sterilizer
    Bio Deconter