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    About Supplier

    We sincerely appreciate our customers and stockholders because of your long lasting support our success and growth has become one of the foundations in electronics industry.

    Samwha Capacitor Co,. Ltd is all E-products(Energy, Electronic, Electric, Eco, Environment…) that efficient use of energy in the products and Solution is to provide a high-tech company. By providing a differentiated value to customers in the world. We will strive for growth and development of our clients.

    Our Employees have based their confidence, responsibility and commitment to original technology to develop and providing quick value. We will powerfully work to become a partner in one such.



    227, Gyeonggidong-ro, Namsa-myeon, Cheoin-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

    Product List



    Power Capacitor

    High Voltage Power Capacitor
    Low Voltage Power Capacitor
    Power Electronics Capacitor
    Capacitor Bank Syste

    MLCC (General)

    MLCC (Normal)
    MLCC (Soft Termination)
    MLCC (Open Mode)
    MLCC (Floating Mode)

    MLCC (Automotive)

    MLCC (Normal)
    MLCC (Soft Termination)
    MLCC (Open Mode)
    MLCC (Floating Mode)
    MLCC (Metal Frame)


    Temperature Compensating Type
    High Voltage (high voltage DC)
    AC Voltage (AC Type)
    AC Voltage (for extra high pressure)

    Bead & Inductor

    Bead (EMC Components)
    Common Mode Filter (EMC Components)
    Inductor (For Signal)
    Power Inductor (Multiylayer)
    Power Inductor (Wire Wound)

    Energy Storage Capacitor

    Battery Capacitor

    Disc Varistor

    Disc Varistor (General type)
    Disc Varistor (High Surge type)
    Silicon Type Varistor
    Square Type Varistor