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    About Supplier

    Since established in 1987's year, Samsankorea, Ltd have offered the optimum solution for professional fluid management with CHEMICAL METERING PUMPS, METERING PUMPS FOR HIGH VISCOSITY LIQUID, Plunger Pump, WATER QUALITY CONTROLLERS (pH, ORP, Residual Chlorine, Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen, P Controller, Auto-Calibration for pH and Residual Chlorine), SENSORS for above knids of Controllers, TRANSMITTERS and ULTRA-SONIC CLEANERS for water and waste water treatment.

    Also in the future, we promise to supply the high quality products developed with advanced technology and excellent design to our favorable customers continuously under both controlling of Quality Management System of ISO9001 and International Environment Management System of ISO 14001.

    We, all families of Samsankorea, Ltd give deep thanks to all of our valuable customers again.

    150, Galdam-ro, Mohyeon-myeon, Cheoin-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

    Product List

    Metering Pump

    Metering Pump (Small Capa.)
    ST-50, ST-100, ST-150, ST-300, ST-600, ST-1000
    Metering Pump With Geared Motor
    SG-30, SG-60, SG(H)-150, SG(H)-300, SG-600, SG-1200, SG-2000
    Metering Pump (Medium Capa.)
    SY-80, SY-150, SY-300, SY-600, SY-13, SY-23, SY-33, SY-53, SY-73, SY(H)-14
    Metering Pump (Big Capa.)
    SS-14, SS-24, SS-34, SS-54
    Plunger Pump
    SP-10, SP-20, SP-50, SP-100, SP-300, SP-600, SP-1000, SP-2000
    Metering Pump For High Visicosity
    SV-100, SV-300, SV-500, SV-1000, SV-2000
    AC-15A, AC-25A, AC-40A, AC-50A, BV-15A, BV-25A, BV-40A, BV-50A, RV-15A, RV-25A, RV-40A, RV-50A

    Solenoid Metering Pump

    Solenoid Metering Pump
    SE1-15, SE1-30, SE1-60, SE1-120, SE1-200, SE1-250
    Solenoid Metering Pump
    SE2-80, SE2-160, SE2-250, SE2-500, SE2-1200
    Solenoid Metering Pump
    SE3-250, SE3-600, SE3-1500
    Solenoid Metering Pump (Explosion Proof)
    SE4-80, SE4-150, SE4-250, SE4-500, SE4-600, SE4-1200, SE4-1500

    Water Quality Controllers

    Water Quality Controllers (pH / ORP)
    CRN-96 PH, CRN-96 ORP
    Dissolved Oxygen
    CRN-96 DO, PDO-96LX-SEA
    Residual Chlorine
    CRN-96 RC
    Conductivity Controller
    CRN-96 EC

    Auto Calibration - pH/ORP

    Auto Calibration - pH/ORP

    P Controller

    P Controller
    CRN-96 PD-P, CRN-96 R-P

    Portable / Bench Type for Lab.

    Portable / Bench Type for Lab. Meters
    SX610, SX620, SX630, SX650, MP521, MP522, MP523, MP526, SX711, SX712, SX713, SX716, SX721, SX723, SX725, SX726, SX731, SX736, SX751, MP525, MP551, PHS-3D, DDS-11C Lab, YD200 Lab, YD300 Lab, SX5200, SX7200, MP511, MP512, MP513, MP515, MP516, MP517, MP518, MP519, SX5150, SX7110, SX7120, SX7150


    pH Sensor
    SPH-100G, SPH-100T, SPH-200G, SPH-200V, SPH-200T, APH-100G, APH-200V, APH-200VD, APH-200T, APH-250V, APH-270P, APH-200VDHF
    ORP Sensor
    SOR-300G, SOR-400G, SOR-400V, AOR-400G, AOR-400VD, AOR-450V
    Pipe-in pH/ORP Sensor
    SPH-250, SPH-250T, SPH-250E, SPH-250ET, SPH-250P, SPH-250PT, SPH-250PE, SPH-250PET, SOR-450, SOR-450E
    Dissolved Oxygen
    Residual Chlorine

    Ultrasonic Cleaner

    Ultrasonic Cleaner