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  • Samjin JMC

    Samjin JMC

    About Supplier

    Ever since its establishment in 1991, SAMJIN has developed into one of major valve manufacturers in Korea. Our success in the industry is heavily indebted to your support and encouragement.

    Through continuous product development and technology enhancement, we will continue to work hard to repay our customers' love and support.

    We would especially strive hard to become a leading brand in the valve industryin both the domestic and global market.

    We hope you will continue to cheer us on and support us as we develop into an innovative companyof greater value and success.

    33, Daehwa-ro 32beon-gil, Daedeok-gu, Daejeon, Korea

    Product List


    Trunnion Ball Valves
    Floating Ball Valves
    FB1, FB2
    Gate Valves
    Globe Valves
    Swing Check Valves
    Tilting Disc Check Valves
    Knife Gate Valves
    Metal Seated Floating Ball Valves
    Small Ball Valves
    Eccentric Ball Valves