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  • Samin ENG

    Samin ENG

    About Supplier

    Samin ENG boasts of the unmatchable service history, the best manufacturing and production capability in Korea by actively resolving the needs and improving corporate environment of customers as well as by innovative product development beyond customer satisfaction.

    Samin ENG, a re-emerging powerhouse under the theme of ‘Pioneering future with creativity’, is preparing for the future through resolution of customer’s needs and betterment of all products including diverse air balance.

    Also the company is working on the marketing projects for exporting its products to the global market as well as for steady growth in the local market, while planning for market expansion through new product development. Also it endeavors to be the company of symbiosis through its constant business expansion that will enable hiring more youth and providing enhanced employee benefits.

    127-24, Hanamsandan 8beon-ro, Gwangsan-gu, Gwangju, Korea

    Product List


    SAF Type Air Balance
    SAF-70, SAF-150, SAF-G6-200, SAF-G9-200, SAF-G6-400, SAF-G9-400
    SAV Type Air Balance
    SAV-100, SAV-120, SAV-140, SAV-160, SAV-180, SAV-200, SAV-250, SAV-300
    SAP Type Air Balance
    SAF- L Type Air Balance
    SAF-L-150, SAF-L-300, SAF-L-450
    SAE Type Air Balance
    SAE-150, SAE-200
    SAW Type Air Balance
    SAW-75, SAW-100, SAW-150, SAW-200, SAW-250
    SAB Type Air Balance
    SAB-75, SAB-100, SAB-150, SAB-200, SAB-250
    SAH Type Air Balance
    SAH-80, SAH-150, SAH-200
    Unpowered Device and Lightweight Rail
    Installation example
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