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  • Samil Transformer

    Samil Transformer

    About Supplier

    We are specified professional transformer manufacturing company, and have continuously devoted to ourselves to produce an optimized transformer through integrating computer science into our innovative design and production technology.

    With the motto of "customer complaint zero", we will do our best for products confidence, and step to you with the name of best quality. Thanks to your interest for us, and wish your blessedness.

    48, Sanggok-ro, Samseong-myeon, Eumseong-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do, Korea

    Product List


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    Mold Transformer
    Power Transformer
    Oil-immersed Power Transformer
    Pole Mounted Transformer
    Oil-immersed Power Transformer (Export)
    Pad Mounted Transformer
    Dry Type Transformer
    KEPCO (Low-loss)
    KEPCO (Amorphous)
    KEPCO (Standard pad_mount)
    KEPCO (Slim pad_mount)