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    About Supplier

    Samill Machinery is providing high quality machines from the professional textile machine, tenter, to post-textile processing machinery, clothes and industrial textile coating machine, laminating machine, drying equipment industry, film procedure, knit textile washing machine to weight reducing machine, based on amassed technology and experience under the corporate philosophy of unity, innovation and environment.

    We promise you to do our best to be a good companion of you, who wants to assure the global competitiveness, and to have continuous researches to wisely go through this rapidly changing information age and to give satisfaction and moving heart on various requirements of customers.

    364-3, Dalseo-daero, Dalseo-gu, Daegu, Korea

    Product List

    Textile Machine

    Tumbler Machine
    LUXEY-ST2000 Series
    Industrial Material Coating Machine
    Coating Machine
    Dryer Machine
    Net Dryer
    Tenter Machine
    Washing Machine
    Laminating Machine
    Laminating Machine
    Reducting Machine

    Industrial Machine

    Industrial Machinery