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  • Samhyun

    About Supplier

    Since its establishment in 1988, our company has made solid research and abiding investment based on the spirit of challenge, creativity, and innovation. By designing and manufacturing precisely controlled motors, drivers, actuators, and gear reducers in the fields of automobiles, robotics, defense industry, aviation applications, shipbuilding industry, and medical science, we has responded to customers’ needs with our the highest quality and uptodated technology. 

    From now on, we will make a promise with excellent products that can globally impress customers with newer and higher technologies and quality, to become a creative and technology-oriented company that repays its customers.

    21, Pyeongsan-ro 8beon-gil, Uichang-gu, Changwon-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, Korea

    Product List


    6 Speed DCT Motor
    7 Speed DCT Motor
    HEV Starter & Generator(WRSM)
    HEV Starter & Generator
    EGR Valve Electrical Part
    Electro-Hydraulic Brake Motor
    Electro-Mechanical Brake Motor
    e-4WD Motor
    Traction Motor
    Oil Pump Motor with External Controller
    Cooling Fan Motor with Controller
    Electric Compressor Motor with Controller
    Fan Motor with External Controller
    Shift-By-Wire Motor
    Electric Power Steering Motor (E/Ship)
    Regenerative Damper Actuator
    DCT Evaluation Controller
    e-4WD Controller

    Defense Industry

    High Power Electric Elevation
    Limited Angle Torque Motor (Outer Rotor)
    High Power Electric Jack
    Electric Cocking Actuator
    Limited Angle Torque Motor (Inner Rotor)
    Limited Angle Torque Motor (Voice Coil)
    Bulit-in Speed Sensor Motor
    Heat Exchanger
    Direct Drive & High Torque Motor
    UGV Generator
    UGV In-Wheel Motor
    LADAR Motor with Integrated Controller
    HEV Generator
    High Resolution & Precision Position Control Drive (Aircraft)
    Torque Motor (Brush)
    High Resolution & Precision Position Control Drive (Marine)
    Limited Angle Torque Motor


    UR 3
    UR 5
    UR 10
    Advantage of UR


    E-Scooter Motor
    E-Scooter Controller
    E-Bike Motor & Controller