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Product Name C-Type Single Crank Press
Series Mechanical Press
Product Description

C-Type Single Crank Press

■ Digital type main poeration panel
Digital type main operation panel, which is first developed in Korea, durability test is completed and has been applied for patent. Precise control program is equipped inside so that operation is easy and possible to monotor operation and production status at first sight.

■ Dual safety solenoid valve
In case of the breakdown of Clutch part or Brake part, dual safety solenoid valve stops the machine to prevent the accidents.

■ Die height counter
The type of Die height Counter is electronic. This type saves the time of setting a die and allows the operator to adjust by the 0.1mm unit of the height.

■ High stiffness frame
The machine is able to generate sufficient authorized capacity. When the stress has been generated, there is no deformation of each part. So, the worker can manufacture the high precision products safely and conveniently. Also, SHC series have been designed the machine of minimum deformation(θ). 

■ Hydraulic overload protector
The machine must be automatically stopped within 0.01 second in case of overloaded or wrong assembly with die.


SAMHO PRESS C-Type Single Crank Press


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