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    About Supplier

    To make the safest and the most convenient machine from the customer’s perspective, SAMHO PRESS makes an unremitting effort and does systematic research for 20 years under our motto, "Integrity, Belief, and Challenge."

    SAMHO PRESS is concentrating on producing the high efficiency digital press machine and makes an endeavor in the development of new products through relentless research of technique in the last 5 years, to satisfy demands of customers that grapple to find higher value-added products in rapidly changing free-market systems.

    Based on progressing technology and ceaseless research and development, SAMHO PRESS has manufactured C-type Crank Press, H-type Crank Press, Knuckle Press, and Double Action Crank Press. With confidence I can assure you that SAMHO PRESS will be a dependable partner of promising future and development of your company---through strict quality management, after service with speediness and correctness, a more reasonable price and far advanced technology for convenience and satisfaction of customers, and the craftsmanship for the utmost results. I expect your continued interest and encouragement about SAMHO PRESS, and I hope happiness will always be with you and your family.

    43, Namdongdong-ro 93beon-gil, Namdong-gu, Incheon, Korea

    Product List

    Mechanical Press

    Semi H-Type Single Knuckle (Box Type)
    Semi H-Type Single Knuckle Press
    Semi H-Type Double Crank Press (Transfer)
    C-Type Double Crank Press
    Semi H-Type Single Crank Press ( Box Type )
    C-Type Single Crank Press
    Semi H-Type Double Crank Press (Box Type)
    Semi H-Type Double Link Press
    H-Type Double Crank Press
    Semi H-Type Single Crank Press
    H-Type Double Knuckle Press
    Semi H-Type Double Knuckle Press