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Product Name Hot Oil Boiler
Model SHB
Series Boiler
Product Description

· 100% coil processing roundness, preventing carbonization phenomenon!:

SHB Type Hot Oil Boiler designed to use oil, can supply a low pressure of Oil for individual industrial line requiring higher temperature.
Especially, its coil layout designed for multi-heat and Two-Way line guarantees such advantages as higher efficiency and easy temperature control.
As a result, this boiler is widely used for the steaming and drying system in food, metal painting, textile and organic chemical industries requiring both higher and less deviation.

· Features of thermal boiler:

① Heat intermediation oil can get high temperature at atmospheric pressure and freezing or water treatment is unnecessary in water season and little corrosions of boiler tube
② It can be kept equal temperature distribution without topical decline of temperature because of forced circulation by indirect heat apply through the liquid phase.
③ It is no blow down or damage of drain etc... and electric power expense is low and operating cost reduced sharply because circulates the heat intermediation oil in circuit.
④ Easy to precision control of heat valve and temperature accoriding to necessity because circulate heat intermediation oil in liquid phase.
⑤ Liquid phase heat intermediation oil can be widely used in every place that is able to circulate.


Samho Boiler Hot Oil Boiler SHB

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