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The characteristics of SDH-KTP SERIES

- Crank axis and dynamic balance: As a cam-type driving axis made of special steel, it keeps high hardness by adopting high class bearing. High speed rotation and high degree of precision are available; while vibration and noise during high speed rotation are minimized. 

- Slide guide: Durability is reinforced by adopting special high degree of precision linear bearing on slide guide plane. Linear bearing has no vibration and no error in being parallel when slide moves up and down. High degree of precision on eccentric weight is obtained by locating guide plane at the center of press. 

- SPM transmission: The speed of SPM varies during press operation dependent on product characteristic. The stop location of bottom dead point, when operation has stopped, changes dependent on the inertia of flywheel. Bottom dead point return after inching is not necessary as an option; therefore, it is always possible to stop at bottom dead point. 

- Up-down plunger structure: When blanking and drawing are done simultaneously at no. 1 transfer press process, the product for drawing processing passes the center of mold and transfer hanger is inserted at this time. It happens by the punch working in up-down plunger structure like the transfer. Transfer 

- Knock-out structure: There is spring inside when cam moves up and down. In the knock-out structure, transfer hanger holds the product. ⑥ NC trimming structure: It cuts end of drawing product by motor. This trimming device makes the shape of product more smooth and natural. 

- Hydraulic type safety device against overload: If the pressure exceeds the set up pressure of overload protector, relief valve immediately engages. If there is coincidental overload during mold installation such as jamming or staggering of mold, faulty control or overlapping of a product, the system automatically stops within 0.1 second to prevent the damage of press or mold. 

- Planet gear system: Press capability is greatly increased by achieving high decelerating ratio through adapting gear adoption. It delivers few times of driving force compared to general gear decelerator because it has very big driving force transmission ratio per unit volume. 

model Item unit SDH-45KTP SDH-80KTP SDH-100KTP SDH-400KTP
Capacity Ton 45 80 100 400
Stroke mm 130 180 / 200 280 400
Stroke Per Minute S.P.M 50 35 40 35 spm
120 65 60
Die Height mm 362 510 580 -
Bolster Area mm 1060x300 1400x500 1700x600 4000x1400 




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